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The 24® Game

The 24 Game is the iconic, time-tested math teaching tool that has been successfully engaging and exciting students in grades 1-9 and beyond for over 30 years!

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A proven math practice tool that leverages students’ love of online gaming and over 265 games to build math skills and create high levels of engagement.

Students that embrace First in Math and engage in daily practice see a dramatic improvement in test scores and an overall change in attitude towards math.

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Creating fearless mathematicians for over 30 years!

Emma Potter

The 24 Game

"I have never seen my class of year 6's so engaged! They simply loved playing the 24® game today as part of Maths Week London. Children who are normally quiet and not confident in maths were jumping up and down with solutions. It was pure mathematical joy."

Micheal Laudrup

First in Math

"I was truly amazed at the interest and determination First in Math created in my students! Not only did they learn math and improve their ability to focus, they also learned the importance of setting and achieving daily short-term goals to eventually achieve things they dreamed of!"

Colleen Armor

First in Math

"The first time I saw the game, I said my kids would never be able to do these problems that quickly. I doubted I could. Yet here we are. Their speed and achievement has amazed me. Seeing the struggling math student succeed and even get to explain a problem to an advanced student makes my day."